Worried About Driving A Large Moving Truck? Tips To Help Use The Smallest Truck Possible

4 April 2018
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If you're handling an entire move on your own, it will involve renting the moving truck to load everything into. However, you may not feel comfortable driving a gigantic moving truck that you have no experience with. You may be tempted to rent a smaller truck instead, since it will be easier to handle. Here are some tips for getting by with a small truck.

Make Multiple Trips

You may have to accept that using a smaller truck is going to involve making multiple trips to finish your move. Be prepared to add time onto you moving day since you cannot get everything done in one trip. While there is nothing wrong with making multiple trips if you insist on driving a smaller truck, you must give yourself more time to account for it. It's still practical if you have a local move where you are not moving that far away.

Purge Old Belongings

The best thing you can do before your moving day is to purge all of your belongings that you do not need anymore. Take the time to sell, trash, donate, or recycle things that will just take up room in the moving truck.

For example, get rid of old clothes that are out of style or do not fit anymore, or get rid of old kids toys that have not been played with in years. A little bit of purging can go a long way in keeping the load lighter.

Buy Similar Sized Boxes

You will want to optimize the space on your small truck, and you can do this by buying boxes that are all the exact same size. This will allow them to stack very efficiently in the back of a moving truck, wasting no room with empty space between boxes. Go with medium boxes so that they do not become too heavy when they are packed. The last thing you want is for a box to break open on the bottom when moving it because you decided to use large boxes.

Learn To Load A Truck

Don't go into moving your loading truck blind, since it will help to do some research on how to load a moving truck. Go online and watch videos of how professionals do it to get ideas on how to use all of the space available.

If you are afraid of driving that large truck, but don't like the sound of these compromises, consider hiring local movers to handle the truck loading and driving for you. Companies like Walsh Moving & Storage can help.