Planning a Winter Move When the Weather Could Be Bad? 3 Tips for Having a Good Experience

17 October 2019
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When you're just getting started with planning an upcoming move, it's a good idea to pay attention to exactly how the weather can affect how smoothly your move goes. With so many things that can go wrong during the move, especially one that will be taking a more long-distance route, you'll need to understand some of the issues that can arise due to the weather being poor along the way.

Look into the following tips that can help contribute towards having a positive experience moving, regardless of how the weather might get during a winter move.

Prioritize Insulated Moving Trucks

As you check out different moving trucks that you can rent yourself or hire movers to handle, you want to pay attention to the interior of the moving trucks. When you have a lot of delicate items such as furniture with exposed brick or artwork that you've packed carefully, you need to make sure they won't be affected due to the extreme temperatures. Requesting moving trucks that have insulation inside is also important for any electronics that you'll be moving, allowing you to feel much better about how your items will arrive at your new home.

Be Flexible Around the Moving Date

Moving during the winter something that a lot of people avoid simply due to being uncomfortable lifting heavy items moving between the home and the moving truck when it's cold out. There's also the chance of snowy days making it difficult to see well while driving or having a lot more ice outside that can lead to a potential fall. Being a bit more flexible about the moving date can allow you to avoid days with heavy snowfall and ensure that the move is more comfortable for everyone.

Rely on Movers to Handle the Drive

Driving during the winter can be stressful due to visibility and road conditions. While you may be fine driving your car during winter, it can be much more difficult driving a large moving truck when you consider how large and heavy it is. Relying on a moving company to handle the drive can help you feel much better about how you're able to get your items moved.

With the intention to move during the winter, there are a few extra things you'll need to focus on to make sure that you're able to get all of your belongings carefully to your new home and prevent some of the common moving issues during winter. Contact services such as Riley Moving & Storage to learn more.