Finding a Good Residential Moving Company on Short Notice

26 April 2022
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In a perfect world, you would know you were going to move months in advance. You'd have a chance to contact several moving companies, get quotes, and choose the company you liked best. However, in the real world, you don't always have this much notice. How do you find a good moving company when your moving day is just around the corner? Here are a few tips.

Ask your local moving truck rental company.

You might be considering renting a moving truck and doing your own moving at this point. Before you go this route, ask the truck rental company if they know of any movers who might have an opening. Sometimes, moving truck rental companies do employ a small crew of movers, although they may not advertise this service widely. Or, they may know of some low-key local moving companies who don't advertise a lot but have some availability.

Look for moving companies near your destination.

People often shop around for moving companies that are headquartered in their current town. However, you could also look for moving companies that operate out of the city or region you're moving to. These companies may be willing to send a team out to your current residence, since when they transport your items to your new home, they'll be heading back towards their own homes. Being able to shop around in both towns gives you twice the chance of finding a moving company at the last minute.

Consider doing some of the work yourself.

You may not find a company with an opening for a full-service move, but there may be a company that can load, drive, and unload a moving truck for you. You can just do the packing yourself. This will save the moving company time, so they might be able to fit the rest of your services in around their other appointments. They'll also need a smaller crew if they're not packing, which may open some options up.

Move during the week. 

Everyone wants to move on the weekend, so weekends fill up very quickly. If you can move things around to make it possible to move during the week, you should do so. You'll have an easier time finding a moving company with last-minute availability mid-week.

If you ever find yourself having to move on short notice, know that finding a residential moving company usually is possible. You may just have to rely on one or more of the tactics above.