Simple Steps To Help Prepare Collectible Ceramics For Moving Day

1 April 2018
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Whether they are used daily or collected and displayed, ceramic kitchen pieces deserve a great deal of patience and care when preparing for a move. In some instances, these collectible pieces are too difficult and costly to replace. Therefore, using a few tips and tricks to ensure they are packed and moved properly is smart. Use these tips to help prepare your collectible trays, platters, dishes, canisters, and bowls for a safe and effective move.


You should never pack your ceramic pieces away in boxes if they are dirty because even the slightest residue can discolor paint and damage the exterior finish.

Before you start packing, use a cloth to remove light dirt and dust from your ceramic pieces. If you notice heavier residue, such as stubborn or sticky food particles, a more involved cleaning solution may be necessary.

Add a drop of gentle dish soap to a bowl of warm water to create a soapy solution. Dip a cloth into the solution and use to wash away stubborn or sticky dust and food residue from your ceramic. Make sure to dry the ceramic completely before you begin to pack the pieces away.


Bubble wrap is your best option for protecting ceramic pieces. It is versatile enough to wrap a variety of different pieces, including vases, bowls, and dishes, in an effective manner.

To get started, place a layer of bubble wrap on a flat surface and place your piece of ceramic in the center. Cover the piece in bubble wrap, wrapping around the ceramic piece a few times. Use packing tape to secure the bubble wrap in place, but do not apply the tape directly to the ceramic.

Make sure to fill the bottom of your box with more bubble wrap or newspaper before packing the wrapped ceramic away. The extra layer of bubble wrap or newspaper will create an extra layer of insulation to reduce the risk of breaking the ceramics during the move.

Continue wrapping each piece of ceramic in bubble wrap and placing them into boxes. Make sure to stuff bubble wrap and newspaper in between each wrapped ceramic piece, as well, for added protection.

Avoiding packing too many pieces into one box, since this can cause the box to be too heavy, making it difficult to lift.

From proper cleaning to safe packing, you can move your collectible ceramics in an effective and efficient manner without breaking. This simple guide will help you prepare your ceramic kitchen pieces for your upcoming move.Contact a company, like M Dyer & Sons Inc, for more help.