4 Ways To Get Your Bathroom Ready For Your Big Move

7 April 2018
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If you are planning on moving soon, don't assume that it is going to be easy to just pack up your bathroom the day of your move. Your bathroom contains a lot of items that you need to be careful with, such as toiletry and cleaning products, so the moving process requires a little care and prep.

Go Through Your Cleaning Supplies

In the week before your move, go through your cleaning supplies. Try to use up any cleaning supplies that are low; that way you don't have to move them. For all other cleaning supplies, you are going to want to make sure that they will not spill.

If the cleaning supplies will fit, put each cleaning item inside of a zip-locked bag. If they will not fit inside of a zip-lock bag, put a smaller bag over the top nozzle and a rubber band over the top to prevent the cleaning solution from leaking out.

Go Through Your Toiletries

It can be easy to accumulate travel size shampoos and conditioners, and sample-sized items from subscription services. It can also be easy to collect items that you tried and decided you didn't like. Go through your toiletries and get rid of any that you have not used in months; you can donate them to a group home or shelter. If you have toiletries that just have a little left in them, throw them away. For the rest of your toiletries, you are going to want to make sure that they don't spill. Put them inside of plastic bags, or wrap a plastic bag and a rubber band around the top for ones that will not fit inside of a plastic bag.

Create a box for all of your toiletries and label it. Put everything inside of the box, and just pull out what you'll need for the next few days. That way, the day of your move, you can just put the toiletries back in and seal up the box.

Wash Your Towels

Wash all of your towels. Keep out the towels that you need for the next few days, and pack up the rest; you can also use your towels for cushioning in other moving boxes. If you do that, you are going to want to make sure you label all of the boxes that you put the towels in.

Gather Up Bathroom Decorations

Many individuals have lots of decorations in their bathroom. If you have decorations in your bathroom, you don't need them in there for the next week; pack up and label your bathroom decorations.

If you need to, you can wait to pack up your bathroom until the day of your move; however, you should prepare your bathroom before the day of your move, so you have labeled boxes and are ready to pack everything up. Make a list of all the things that you need to do for your bathroom so that you make sure you don't forget anything or miss a step. You can also contact your local movers for more information on safely and efficiently moving your bathroom accessories.