Tips For Handling A Small Or Partial Load Move

17 October 2019
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If you only want to move a few items, then you should handle it differently from how you would handle a big move. Here are a few useful tips for moving a few items.

Evaluate the Options

There are various ways to move your stuff, and you should explore all of them to determine which option is the best for your small load. In many cases, the option you might think of as cost-effective will turn out to be expensive once you do the evaluation.

For example, many people think that they can save money by renting a truck and handling the move as a DIY project. However, you will realize that is not the case if you consider that moving companies make their money through economies of scale. The more stuff you can move at once, the more you are likely to save. With a mini move, however, you might even run a partially full truck, which is a waste of resources.

Pay For Actual Shipment

The weight of a shipment is one of the major factors determining the cost of moving. However, many moving companies use weight bands, and not actual weights, to price their moving services. For example, you may find that everything under 2,000 pounds costs a certain amount, then a shipment between 2,000 and 2,500 costs another amount.

That kind of pricing is suitable for those who want to move many items. If you only have a few things to move, look for an option where you will be charged the actual weight of the items. Many moving companies have that option, called mini moving, for those who have only a few things to move.

Opt For Shared Load Moving

A common practice in the moving industry is to consolidate items from different clients to save on costs. Shipments heading in the same direction are loaded into one big truck instead of sending them via multiple smaller trucks. However, this kind of organization sometimes delays delivery times because the movers have to wait until the truck is full.

That is why some people opt for guaranteed delivery time — where the mover picks up the shipment and delivers it within a specified period even if consolidation is not possible. As you can imagine, this option costs relatively more than shared shipments. Therefore, plan your move in advance and opt for the shared option if you only have a few things to move.

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