Keep Any Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit By Preparing The Contents

8 July 2020
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Renting a storage unit to free up closets, attics, and other typical storage spaces at home can be a great decision, but it can also come with some concerns over protecting everything. While a climate-controlled storage unit can be your best option for protecting everything, there can come a lot of confusion over what you can do to protect your items from pests.

The following tips can help you feel a lot more in control over protecting your items from pests and keeping the contents in great shape.

Consider the Effect of Climate Control

If you're eager to use a storage unit for anything from seasonal clothing to furniture you don't have room for currently, it's so important for you to rely on climate control. While climate control can prevent major temperature shifts in the storage unit, it can also come with some concerns over pests making themselves comfortable inside the unit as well.

Since extreme temperatures outside can lead to pests trying to find a way in, it's important that the storage unit has great insulation so that pests won't make it inside.

Ask About Pest Control Services

When you begin reaching out to pest control companies, it's so important to inquire about what you can expect out of pest control so that you don't end up frustrated with a lack of attention to protecting your storage unit. With pest control being made a top priority, it can be a lot easier to feel confident storing your items without the concern of termites, ants, and moths getting inside.

Checking the frequency of pest control spraying and what you can expect from these services can help you feel sure that your items aren't going to be damaged.

Get Everything Clean for Storage

Before putting away your items in a hurry, you should put in the effort to get them clean before placing anything into storage. From removing odors from clothes that could attract pests to getting rid of any spills on furniture that could leave a scent, getting everything cleaned can reduce just how likely it is that pests will find the storage unit worth getting into.

As you prepare for renting a self-storage unit, there's a lot of steps you can take towards making sure that your items are in great condition and that pests won't be a concern. With climate control and the above tips, pests won't be a problem for your items.