Moving A Billiards Table To Your New Home? Follow These Tips

27 May 2021
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Do you have some odd-shaped items in your home that you can't disassemble fully, but you are taking them to your new home? This may apply to you if you are packing up a billiards table in your home. Here are a few tips that will help you safely move this expensive item to your new home. 

Measure The Billiards Table To Plan Your Path

You should start the moving process by measuring the billiards table to figure out how big it is. You should then measure the width and height of all the doors on the path to the new location. This can help you plan out your path to figure out how you are going to get it out of your home and into your new place. 

You may discover that you have to go through a certain door because there is a narrow hallway and you can't easily get the billiards table around a corner, or that the table needs to go through all the doors horizontally and on its side. Knowing these things in advance will help everything go smoothly.

Remove All Accessories And Billiard Balls

Many people make the mistake of trying to keep the accessories and billiard balls in the table so that they can't lose them. They then run into those situations where they have to turn the table to get it through a doorway, and everything falls out unexpectedly on the floor. Do yourself a favor and take those items out of the table and pack them away in their own box. It is the best way to ensure that they do not get lost or broken during the move. 

Remove The Legs From The Billiard Table

The one thing that you're able to take off the table will be the legs. Sometimes there are individual legs that can be removed, or there is a base that must be removed from the top. Even if you can move the table horizontally without having to tilt it, you'll find that this will remove a significant amount of weight from the table itself. Since a billiard table is very heavy, less weight will definitely make the job easier. 

Wrap Everything In Moving Pads And Plastic Wrap

Your billiards table likely has a nice finish that you want to protect. That is why it's essential to cover the pool table using moving pads that are secured to the table using plastic wrap. If you do bang the pool table against a corner during the move, there will be a lower chance of damaging the table by accident because it has protection.

For additional tips, contact a local moving company.